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We believe in artist development. Most agree that due to epic changes in the music industry, the labels are no longer supporting this basic need. studioexpresso's community is here to fill the gap. We connect artists, managers, labels, attorneys and music supervisors to the record industry's top production talent. The FREE service is offered to the artist and his/her support group.

studioexpresso, with some of the world's trusted names in music -- over 100 platinum producers -- offers the artist wealth of experience and resources, and is your artist development partner. Our community with a vast knowledge and insight into the music industry is also available for Music/TV/Film and ProAudio/manufacturing company consultation work.

These days record companies are looking for artists that are already polished and ready to go. Your package should include 3 of your greatest songs, with the best one first because most A&R people will not keep listening unless the first song gets their attention.
studioexpresso offers an opportunity for artists to submit up to 3 songs for production consideration. Click here for submission info. We facilitate production by hire. This means we only work with artists who are serious about their career and want to develop a strong song catalogue that would help them with marketing opportunities to include: licensing, label shopping and distribution.

For those of you who may not need or be ready for a producer but want to learn about the industry or our community, we invite you to browse through studioexpresso's artist resources and related books. Get to know our community of mixers, engineers, programmers and studios (over 200 top facilities in various geographic locations some of whom are spotlighted each month).

We invite you to sign up for SE's monthly e-zine featuring "artist talkback," (artists produced and/or developed by SE community), "producer profile," and "studio spotlight." Each month we bring music news and trends of interest to 20,000 plus industry subscribers worldwide. Thank you.

"The soul which has seen most of truth shall come to birth as a philosopher, or beauty lover, or fervent musician." --Plato, Phaedrus

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Claris Sayadian-Dodge

Since 2000 studioexpresso has established itself as one of artists' premier production resources. Claris Sayadian-Dodge is founder and president of studioexpresso.com, artists' gateway to the world's top music makers. She is the publisher/editor of studioexpresso's monthly Ezines and manages an award-winning roster of producers and arrangers via
C management
,an affiliated company. Past clients include: Dr. Dre, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

Ms Dodge offers twenty years of experience in marketing, PR and management in the recording industry with a BA degree in business. Claris has been active in the Los Angeles music industry since 1986 and has held positions at various music/media entertainment companies including: Frank Dileo Management, Management III, PMK, Rogers and Cowan Public Relations, Prairie Sun Recording, Ocean Way Studios (where she managed the facility for over a decade), studio bau:ton & TEC:ton engineering.
She is a member of the Grammy organization and sits on the board of a a non-profit film foundation dedicated to human rights. Claris creates professional networking events to raise awareness and funds for art, music and worthy causes.