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Fab Feb greetings to new and old friends of studioexpresso!

In the studio spotlight this February it’s Bay 7 Recording Studios in the heart of Valley Village, California. This two-room tracking and mixing facility hosts a slew of chart topping artists and producers and is the best-kept secret for vintage gear aficionados.  Give manager Jeff Sheehan a call – he’ll be happy to give you the grand tour! 
In the meantime, take an express tour here!

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Allaire (Shokan, NY); Annex Digital (San Francisco/Menlo Park); Avatar Ent. (NY); Cello (Hollywood, CA); Conway (Hollywood, CA);  NRG (North Hollywood, CA); Prairie Sun Recording Studios (Cotati, CA); Royaltone (North Hollywood, CA); Skywalker Sound (San Rafael, CA); Studio 880 (Oakland, CA);  Studio Atlantis (Hollywood, CA) and Glenwood Place (Burbank, CA).

Looking for
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Brad Buxer, keyboardist/producer/arranger/composer/engineer
Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan

We asked few of our friends who attended the show - what’s Hot at NAMM 2002?  Here’s what they said:

It goes without saying that a big highlight at the show was Pro Tools|HD. Now the defacto standard for DAW record production is finally available in an up to 192kHz version. Whether the record companies care, and would add to their budgets to have their new records produced in this format, is not widely known. Some other cool stuff:

From Germany comes, Melodyne, a software program that allows complete graphical control over recorded monophonic melodies (like vocals or soloing instruments) just like a sequencer/MIDI control of a synth. George Massenburg's GML 2020 is a single recording channel consisting of on channel of three of his best-known products all in one box: the 8300 mic pre, the 8200 parametric equalizer and the 8900 dynamics controller. Manley Labs has the SLAM, a tube-based stereo optical leveling amp/compressor and peak limiter with optional 20-bit A/D converter. Absynth is Native Instruments' latest virtual and standalone wavetable synth that runs on MACs or PCs and Spektral Delay is Native's first processor plug-in for their new HTDM|RTAS format.” Barry Rudolph, engineer/mixer/producer

“I would have like to have seen more of the Protools Plug ins for the new Protools HD system and more from Native instruments software.” Ralph Sutton, producer/mixer/engineer

“A few things caught my attention:

for the guitar player…

smokey amplifiers, an amp the size of a cigarette pack, but it sounds amazing! and can drive a real speaker cabinet;  motion sound, the rotating speaker sound, the mechanical way, this sounds great! not a simulator, the real thing; ebow, the classic ebow has a new setting, harmonic sustain, I think it's called, sounds terrific.

for drummers…

Whitney drums, have this funny fat look, but allow much more volume (cu. ft.) so the sound is also bigger, Arbiter 'AT' Drums, Flats, these are the opposite of the above, nothing but a head on a frame with a single tensioning adjustment, but the sound was so big, from England

for engineers and such…

the re-issues of the RCA ribbons from Audio Engineering Associates looked great, I know Bruce Swedien has a couple;  from Panasonic Pro, AD96, DA96, the 96khz series of converters, I have heard nothing but good stuff about these units, most seem to agree, for the price they blow every thing else out of the water.” Matt Forger, producer/mixer/engineer/sound designer/production supervisor

"The one new gadget that impressed me the most is the Universal Audio UAD-1, never before has a vintage compressor like the LA2A or 1176 -or any piece of hardware for that matter except for maybe the virus keys- been translated into software so accurately. It blows Bombfactory out of the water, Universal Audio definately raised the bar." Rudy Haeusermann, producer/re-mixer/songwriter/arranger

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Mon Feb 25,   MusiCares – honors Billy Joel, 2002 person of the Year, Century Plaza Hotel, LA
Tue Feb 26,   Grammy in the Schools, USC campus with  Super Panels -- Jimmy Jam, Ron Fair, Robert Kraft, Ed Cherney, Steve Lukather, Jason Bentley… this event is chaired by Grammy board member, Ralph Sutton.
Wed Feb 27   44th Annual Grammy Awards, Staples Center, LA --
44th GRAMMY Awards Nominee List

Live Music & Webcasts - hear new & established singer/songwriters at Kulakswoodshed
Don’t forget to check the calendar for upcoming performances. The cozy room sits about 50 at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood. (818-766-9913)

"On the Couch - The Living Room Sessions" rock The Mint – Unsigned bands and guests every Tuesday at 8 PM - MIDNIGHT

6010 W. Pico Blvd. (1/2 block east of Crescent Heights)Los Angeles

323-954-8241 dinner reservations

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Congrats go to Matt Serletic, the new chairman at Virgin/EMI!!  Serletic will be teamed up with EMI exec, Roy Lott whose new title will be President/COO.

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My Chinese friend says last year was filled with uncertainty, characterized by year of the Dragon.  Feb 12,
2002 (Chinese calendar year 4699) marked the 1s day of the Year of the Black Horse.  A good year, I’m told!
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