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March 2002




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Spring greetings to new and old friends of studioexpresso.
We hope you'll find our new format easy to read and enjoyable.

"Express Tour" of following world-class studios available here: express tour gallery!

Spotlight - March

The Studio conveniently located at The Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas in the heart of fashionable West Hollywood, offers a boutique style production room for record, film & video projects.

We met with manager Tom Frits pool-side to learn about recent activity in the popular studios. Give Tom a call to arrange a personal tour or click here for an express tour.

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Robert Shahnazarian -- producer/ProTools engineer/A&R
Eddie Cohn, System Of A Down, Pete Yorn


In-demand producer/mixer/engineer Ralph Sutton talks about this year's Grammy in the Schools impressive turnout: "We had over 1700 music students come to USC from the LAUSD for the event. What brought them was the all-star cast of talent that included the likes of Don Passman, Tyrese, Steve Vai, Warryn Campbell, Gisselle, Robert Kraft, The Ojays, Juanes, Kedar Massenburg, Musiq, Jamie O'Neal, Al Schmitt and host of others. We did workshops where the students had a chance for Q&A with the talent. The World of electronic Music workshop featured panelist Jason Bentley and DJ Colett. Producing Platinum panel had Jimmy Jam, Warryn Campbell and KC Porter . Dave Koz did a workshop called Instrumental Exploration where he and star studded cast of friends David Benoit, Kirk Whalum and Norman Brown performed. The goal was to inspire students and to encourage them to empower themselves if music is their passion. This year's Grammy in the Schools was a huge Success and as the Chairman of the program, I want to thank all the participants and I look forward to helping make next year even better."

We caught up with Al "11Grammy man" Schmitt and asked what's the secret to his long & successful production career and when does he keep all these Grammies?! "I love what I do and every successful producer/engineer will tell you that having real passion for the work makes the journey. I keep 'em (Grammies) in my office. I've to wait two more months to get the 11th one! It used to be that they gave you the Grammy on the night of the show. I received my first one in 1962 for "Hatari," a Mancini score for a movie about Africa with John Wayne. At the post party it changed many hands and by the time it got back to me it was in two pieces!! Al wants to remind everyone that the Recording Academy Golf tournament is on Monday April 8 (check our calendar for details). "It's for a good cause, all proceeds benefit LA Chapter Scholarship Program. There is a silent auction and should be a great day to be enjoyed by all." Congrats Mr Schmitt, many more...

from Hatari('62) to Krall('01), it's Schmitty!

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Click here!
for industry event activities...March/April

Kulakswoodshed Live Music & Webcasts - hear new & established singer/songwriters

"On the Couch - The Living Room Sessions" rock The Mint - Unsigned bands and guests every Tuesday, free before 9PM - Midnight.

Rocktails - monthly networking at cool sites -- we'd like to thank our hosts for inviting studioexpresso to sponsor the fab Feb mixer. Big thank you for Eric Gorfain, Matt Forger for their support.

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We caught up with in-demand producer/mixer/engineer Matt Wallace who has been seen in various studios working with H20 (for MCA/Universal), Sugarcult (for Ultimatum), Maroon 5 (for Octone/J Records) and now 6 Gig (also for Ultimatum). "My engineer, Mike Landolt and I have been using Pro Tools almost exclusively for these projects (except H20, which was on 2" tape). Pro Tools affords us the ability to do very quick arrangement edits, tighten up rhythm tracks, and do some cool looping. We enjoy working at Rumbo as their tracking rooms are outstanding and their overdub room is of very good quality at a nice price. Great people, outstanding rooms, fine gear... what else could you ask for?" Since Matt is an SSL guy when it comes to mixing-- he likes spending time at Scream and Can Am (Scream has a J and Can Am has E with a G computer). "Both rooms have outstanding equipment, good vibe, good people. All in all things are going along swimmingly," says Wallace who dubbed the expression"woo hoo!"
Contact McDonough Mgmnt: 805-446-3370 www.mcdman.com
e-mail: fmcd@earthlink.net

"Lady Marmalade" engineer Michael C. Ross talks about recording the vox tracks (Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals For a collaborative performance by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink Track from: Moulin Rouge - Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film [Interscope Records]:
"Rockwilder programmed a great track that really contained the essence of the song. Ron Fair produced some great subtle additions to the groove and produced the girls singing. Each one of the girls sang separately and together and did the great track justice. I'm sure each one of the girls expected the other ones to do great, so they wanted to be sure that they delivered. They did!" It was fun to record it, and see it come together!
Read more...contact info here:
Michael C. Ross


Guitar Guru Andy Brauer was busy during the Grammy week and just finished a Live show with John Fogerty & The Eagles, working at Fogerty's private studio. Recently Andy has been working with Lee Ritenour & Papa Roach. Here's what he has to say: "Without question, guitar music is BIG. Distinctive guitar sounds are heard on many TV commercials and movie soundtracks. In addition to the presence of established artists in the studio, we're also seeing an influx of "ordinary people" who are picking up a guitar and passionately creating for the first time. Rentals [of vintage guitars and amps] are way up, leaning towards great tone. The power of music and our passion to move forward continues to drive our pursuit of excellence in the tradition of personalized service to musicians." With the addition of the fabyo'lus and dynamic Lady Jen to the Brauer Rentals staff , Brauer Rentals is multi tasking up a storm.
23 years and more than 50,000 rentals later, Brauer rental is rockin' in NOHO.
Check out ABR's e-bay guitar auctions or contact them at 818 -763 8639.


Billboard charts
Top 100 Positions /Issue Date:March 16, 2002

Congrats to all the Grammy Winners!
Special congrats go to producer T-Bone Burnett for taking Album Of The Year
Award to the Artist(s), and to the Album Producer(s) and Recording Engineer(s):
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Soundtrack Various Artists
T Bone Burnett, producer; Mike Piersante, engineer/mixer
[Lost Highway Records]

Until next month... take care, stay creative and in touch.

Claris Sayadian-Dodge

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