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studioexpresso & Trans Audio Group Present
Modern Composition Tools & Tips
featuring Award-winning Composers

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Brent's profile @ studioexpresso ( Prince, D'Angelo, Elvis Costello & The Roots, Usher)

MATT WONG  (Jon Batiste)

Saturday April 15, 2-3 pm 2023
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TECTracks @ NAMM
Anaheim Convention Center

Meet our speakers who will discuss today's composition tools that help composers make better decisions with higher efficiency. Learn the advantages of creating full mock-ups of your works using notation software that helps put orchestration, color and timbre earlier in the compositional process. We will discuss tools like Finale (Make Music), Sibelius (Avid), ILIO's Vienna Symphonic Library, and others. Our composers will compare notes on their writing instruments of choice, and reveal collaboration and communication tips
and more...

Join us for an inspiring afternoon at NAMM and recharge for 2023!

studioexpresso's Claris Sayadian-Dodge and Brad Lunde of the Trans Audio Group will co-moderate.

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Visit composer links to hear music - 'Sad About Nothing Blues' by Brent Fischer


TEC Tracks @ NAMM Production Pearls & Atmos Dreams 2022 l-r: Zev Feldman, John Wooler, Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Brent Fischer, Brad Lunde.

Presenters & Moderator  

Brad Lunde founder and president of TransAudio Group, the premier distributor of high-end recording gear to the US and Worldwide. TransAudio helps the industry’s inventors build a business through product development working with top level end users and selling to the trade. TransAudio product lines include the best of the best: A-Designs (USA),  ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Auratone, Bettermaker , Geoffrey Daking & Co (USA) Drawmer (UK), Hakan, Latch LakeMutec, Pete's Place Audio, Sabra-Som, Sound Anchors (UK) Subwoofer Pros and Tube-Tech (Denmark), to name a few

Claris Sayadian-Dodge founded in 2000, a production resource for developing artists. Dodge is the publisher and chief editor of studioexpresso's monthly eZine for the recording industry and looks after an Award-winning roster of producers with the affiliated C Artist Management. Past positions include: Management III, PMK, Rogers & Cowan Public Relations, Ocean Way studios, Prairie Sun Recording and studio bau:ton. Claris supports Grammy's MusiCare and sits on the board of a Film Foundation dedicated to documentaries on human rights. She has a BA degree in business and continues to create professional networking events to raise awareness and funds for art and music education programs and worthy causes.

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