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studioexpresso is celebrating 22 years serving artists and their support teams. We are a production community of 200+ award-winning producers, composer/arrangers, engineers and studios.

Our monthly eZine is read by over 25,000 subscribers -- producers, artists, studios, managers, record companies, music supervisors and press (segmented in 20 industry categories). Each month studioexpresso offers spotlight on artists, label and publishing executives, industry and community news and trends with featured articles, and review of songs, books, festivals and films. We welcome press releases from publicist on relevant topics and promote select sponsor brands. Find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linked-In

Value to Producers & Brands

studioexpresso is optimized with most search engines. If you’re in studioexpresso, opportunities will find you. studioexpresso community is leveraged with members of RMA, ASCAP, BMI, SPARS, Grammy, and NAMM. Our media and manufacturing partners offer our community added visibility, interviews, networking, consulting and endorsements. Some of you have been asked to contribute to magazine articles, books, and prestigious educational institutions like Berklee College of Music and have sat on panels at NAMM moderated by founder, Claris Sayadian-Dodge.

For Audio and Music Brands

Single Expresso
$99/month X 6
> spotlight in monthly eZine: product user story or news-- gear launch, special offers, etc (copy: up to 2 paragraphs)*
> One banner (size: half   234x60) w link to official site or select product page 

Double Expresso
$199/month X 6
> spotlight in monthly eZine: product user story or news-- gear launch, special offers, etc (copy: up to 3 -4 paragraphs)* (size: full 468x60) w link to official site or select product page
>banner also in (2) studioexpresso high-traffic pages
> Social Shares
> Zoom interview feature with owner or director

*copy deadline: by/before 15th of each month

For Producers and Studios (by invitation)

Single Expresso
suitable for individual artist or his/her support team (Publicist, attorney, manager).
> Producer profile or studio spotlight with a short (up to two paragraphs) copy
> One Photo
> studioexpresso contact

Double Expresso
suitable for label, management and/or marketing/PR companies

> Producer Profile or Studio Spotlight - a full-page ad w/ web + social* links
> Updates - up to 2x per year
> Producer Profile or Spotlight Gallery Archive
> Direct
> News inclusion in Monthly eZines Archived since 2000* (CD reviews of your artists, EPK postings, etc) when provided via email by/before 15th of each month

Expresso Forté (banner ad sizes: 468x60 or 250x250)
reserved for major sponsors (manufacturer or label) - contact for details and benefits.
$2,700 = $450x 6 months
> Monthly eZine mention
> Online presence in studioexrpesso - high traffic pages
> studioexpresso community access (invitation to events, etc)

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